and monitoring

We’ve partnered with Integrity Advocate — a global leader in online participation monitoring — to bring you the flexible and easy-to-use Totara Proctoring Solution.

Powered by Technology, Perfected by Humans

AI-guided human review

AI-powered technology can quickly and economically spot most fraudulent behavior in online testing. But only humans have the nuanced understanding of context to avoid false positives. So, we use both.

Our hybrid proctoring model uses AI to guide human reviewers, allowing us to quickly process exams without sacrificing accuracy. Best of all, the system is fully integrated with Totara LMS and Totara TXP, so there’s nothing to download or set up — for you or your learners.

Fast, accurate, discrete

Private, installation-free exam monitoring -
on any device

Learners can use our browser-based Totara Proctoring Solution anywhere, on any device — there’s nothing to install, no plug-ins to download. In other words: fewer support calls and fewer data security concerns.

We’re built on transparent Privacy by Design principles; personal data collection is kept to a minimum and deleted immediately after use. As a result, we’re fully compliant with critical privacy and security regulations, including GDPR, FERPA, PIPEDA and more.

Privacy by Design

As-It-Happens Intervention

Real-time proctoring for high-stakes testing

Optional live proctoring gives you the opportunity to create a first line of defence against fraud. Our proctors can monitor testing in real-time, looking for rules violations and intervening promptly if anything comes up. Catch things faster and give learners the chance to correct their behavior in the moment, with less stress and less after-the-fact admin.

Every session is reviewed in full afterwards to capture anything missed in the monitoring process — making live proctoring the most thorough option for mission-critical testing.

Peace of mind when the stakes are high

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