With our highly flexible team
we deliver great value for money

We are an experienced LMS provider with huge amounts of energy, passion, and skill. We create user-first solutions that drive learner engagement, performance, and results. Beautiful designs, easy to use journeys, and plenty of integrations built in.

Tailored Solutions

Employees want learning to be contextualised, personalised and easily accessible. They have high expectations, which are ever-changing. We know this, so the products and services we offer will keep you ahead of the curve.

We take the time to really understand your ambitions and work in partnership to tailor your learning platform. This is not just about matching your corporate identity, it goes deeper into producing engaging and intuitive learning pathways to match your vision.

It’s all about your learners

Design and Journey

If your LMS isn’t easy to use or doesn’t engage, you will lose your audience and they will never see your great learning content.

Our experience, combined with creative approaches, means we will get under the skin of your users and develop compelling learning journeys. We ensure they are designed for simplicity, have been rigorously tested and successfully meet your business needs.

Great designs pull learners in
Great journeys make them stay

Lift and Shift

Learner engagement and motivation increases with high quality and impactful course content. If your current solution lacks the features or capabilities to deliver the learning outcomes required by your organisation, we can help you solve this problem.

The same applies to your current supplier. If they’re not identifying ways for you to get the most out of your current LMS or you’re locked into their limited roadmap, you won’t be effective or efficient in changing the learning methods your organisation requires.

You sit back and relax
We do all the heavy lifting


Here’s the great news. We have already told you how we can save you money, but we can help drive revenue too. Our team is highly experienced in working with global solutions where you will have to transact using different systems, currencies, and technologies. We can ensure that you use the best solution for you and for each market and that it all integrates back seamlessly with your CRM.

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Driving revenue from your learning solution


Our experts are skilled at working with you to figure out what can be achieved in your learning department and across your whole enterprise.

We can improve the quality of your organisation’s learning ecosystem by accessing tools, extensions, and integrations that give you more power and flexibility. The platform contains an open API providing the freedom to adapt and innovate around your needs.

We do all the heavy lifting, you sit back and relax

Managed Hosting

Using our managed hosting service, we’ll deliver your learning platform and content to all users quickly, consistently and securely.

We will work with you to build a view of your current and future state hosting model, select a platform and architecture, implement an operating model, build cloud and security capabilities, coach and train internal resources, and ensure they are capturing the full value of the transformation.

Sit back, relax, everything is taken care of for you


Our platform provides reporting on items such as the completion of training, progress and performance goals, and employee engagement levels.

We take this out-of-the-box functionality and supercharge it to ensure your business critical issues are assessed and tracked. Dashboards are available with a choice of metrics that can be monitored.

We can then integrate your learning data into your enterprise-wide reporting suites such as Microsoft Power BI, Snowflake, and Tableau

Giving you insight
Proving your ROI


Gamification incorporates game-like elements, such as challenges, rewards, and competition to motivate learners. Our team is experienced in implementing effective solutions for those who are looking to take advantage of gamification as a tool for engaging employees, boosting productivity, and fostering a culture of community and collaboration.

Totara has gamification features which help engage learners using the platform, such as quizzing, creating leaderboards, and the ability to earn certificates or digital badges.

Brings out the competitive spirit in your learners

Virtual Reality

When used in the right places, VR can deliver tremendous benefits to learners. Imagine being able to practice a medical procedure hundreds of times before operating on a real patient. All of this working with your peers and tutors to ensure you get it right.

Likewise imagine being able to navigate through complex health and safety issues from home before working on an oil platform in the middle of the ocean. This is what VR can do for you.

Bringing real life situations into focus