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Totara E-commerce

A Totara E-commerce solution to drive Totara course sales

Anytime, Anywhere
Any Device

Your customers can easily browse and buy courses no matter the time or where they are in the world. Our Totara E-commerce solution is your shop window, engaging with learners and encouraging them to buy.

Integrated with the enterprise tools you wish it makes for a seamless and highly transparent journey for your customers. And with our fully integrated reporting suite you are in control every step of the way.

Totara course sales made easy

Your customers are constantly changing

And you need to keep up with them.

Our Totara E-commerce solution will keep you up to date with the latest trends and always aim to deliver the latest styles and technology. That is why our solution is as a service and we promise to update you as times move forward.

In addition, by utilising the power of Totara Machine Learning we can understand what your buyers want next and suggest it to them. This prompting does the hard work for you and helps to drive revenue even further.

We help you change with them

Designed as part of Totara

One Totara dashboard and Reporting Suite for everything

Our Totara E-commerce solution is designed specifically to work for Totara course sales. We know Totara inside and out and it is built to give users a seamless journey from browsing to purchase. 

You will be able to administer everything from within the system without having to go outside. This includes a full reporting suite within Totara or fed out to your solution of choice (Tableau, PowerBi, Snowflake, etc).

You can also set currencies, taxes, discounts and coupons.

Importantly, we will ensure it integrates with the payment methods of your choice using anything from POs to Stripe and PayPal to ensure a hassle-free journey for your customers and ease of use for you.

Integrates across your whole organization

The benefits of having a single Totara and Totara E-commerce platform

Our solution is using all Totara functions and drives Totara course sales.


  • Easy to tailor
  • Greater flexibility
  • Adapts faster to your requirements


  • Cohesive experience
  • No navigating between platforms
  • Enhances usability


  • No sync issues
  • More reliable data
  • Easier troubleshooting


  • Single vendor makes life simple
  • One point of contact

Consistent UI

  • Totara UI applied
  • Superior experience

Fast updates

  • Efficient roll-outs
  • Always up-to-date


  • Track learner sales. progress,  and engagement
  • Single source of truth


  • Security consistent across entire  platform
  • Secure user and transaction data

Superior experience – drives engagement – drives revenue – no costly 3rd party integrations

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