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Totara is a highly modular learning platform that uses a wide variety of extensions and plugins to enable you to scale up or down in response to your changing business needs.
This flexibility to scale rapidly ensures your users are continuously accessing the information and learning resources they require, as and when it suits them, rather than trying to shoehorn your users’ needs into a rigid learning platform.

By accessing numerous APIs and plugins, an integrated technology suite can be created, providing your organisation with a best-in-class learning and development ecosystem.
The advantages of integrations are endless. Apart from the overall value you’re adding to your employees’ learning environment, you’ll benefit from innovative technology that supports improved productivity, performance, and overall motivation.

Learning experience designer from Totara customer, YPF (Yacimientos Petrolíferos Fiscales)
“Through our platform we had the chance to prove the impact of a learning ecosystem. Companies are moved by people and people need to learn to succeed”


Totara is an adaptable platform with the ability to integrate and extend with any solution or service you require. We take a holistic approach and look at your needs enterprise-wide, ensuring es that your LXP fits in with your entire ecosystem. This includes solutions for HR, CRM, reporting, storage, communications and ecommerce. It also includes specific solutions for your learning such as content and video hosting.

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